6 June 2022
196+ forum Milan
Officina Ventura 14

Connecting decision-makers in the hospitality industry is the key element in all 196+ events. At 196+ forum Milan, we are not only connecting with the city of Milan, but also with our major focus on design (as the event is organised in conjunction with Salone del Mobile, the leading global design and furniture fair, which takes place from 7 to 12 June 2022). During this period, Milan becomes the design capital of the world. Therefore, we are inviting the movers and shakers, the technology players and game-changers to the event space designed by Simone Micheli. In addition to 196+ forum Milan there will be a dedicated exhibition area for hospitality design and technology.


196+ forum Milan is a half-day conference presenting expert debates, interactive sessions, insightful case studies and networking opportunities, alongside an exhibition, dedicated to hospitality. At the conference, leading hospitality investors, developers and operators address key challenges of the industry. To ensure that you make new contacts and refresh existing ones, we cordially invite you to join us in Milan at this years conference.

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